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There is an orphan crisis around the world. Children who have lost parents, been abandoned by parents, or been taken out of dangerous environments, are in need of stable homes and loving families. James tells us that caring for vulnerable children such as these is close to the heart of God. Therefore we, the people of God, must lead the way in recognizing this great need and stepping up to meet it.

This issue is very near to us. Arizona has a massive foster care crisis, with thousands of children in the foster care system. The state simply does not have enough homes to care for them all and they are asking for the church’s help.

One of the ways we have responded is to join other churches in Arizona in a movement called AZ127 (based on James 1:27). Its purpose is to educate people on the great need in front of us and aid those interested in foster care and adoption to navigate the process. You can learn more at www.az127.org.

AZ127 is a broad movement that we support. But in order to come alongside and mobilize the people of Redemption Church, we have formed a ministry for those who are currently involved in foster care or interested in getting involved.

Simply put, we are calling our church to engage the great need by taking children into our homes by fostering or adopting. In addition, and just as important, we are calling our church to relationally support families who choose to open their homes. Both of these efforts fall under what we are calling “Redemption Foster Care and Adoption”.

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Here at North Mountain

Our ongoing goals with Foster Care and Adoption at Redemption Church are to mobilize and support families who are interested in Foster Care and Adoption. We firmly believe that children need families and families need support.

In partnership with Foster Care Initiatives, Redemption North Mountain will be offering a monthly Support Group. It will be a time of fellowship, sharing, training, and more.

Childcare is provided.  RSVP Required.

We meet every forth Monday of the month.


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