Who we are

We are a community of men in the church with a desire to connect in community, have accountability, and to strive to become holy through the living and breathing Word of God.

Every week we meet in our local community to dig into scripture and be equipped as we go through our week. Our goal is to have a study each day of the week where men can connect with other men, engage with the word God , and be equipped to lead well in the areas God has called us to minister to.

What We Do

We gather in our local community to be salt and light to those close to home!

We gather to build community with other men in Christ as to sharpen one another!

We gather to have accountability as we walk and live in this fallen to be encouraged prayed over!

We gather to be holy as God is Holy!

We gather to be equipped as we minister to our family, school, coworkers, neighbors, and friends!

We gather to become more like Christ through His people and His word!

Weekly Bible Study:


Press Coffee at 32 and Shea

Friday – 6:30am

Saturday – 7am


Yearly Events

2023 Men’s Retreat – Aug 26th-28th

3rd Annual Turkey Bowl – Nov 24th

2023 Men’s Ministry Kick Off – January 2023


Watch the events to stay up to date.

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Men's Ministry Leader
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