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Surge School is a 9 month, intensive leadership development program churches use for discipleship and training of leaders for their churches, workplaces, and all areas of our city. Over 1000 leaders in Arizona have graduated from Surge School and now several other cities across our nation are also participating. Please contact us if you would like to get more information about implementing Surge School as a discipleship tool within your church.

  1. Individual Study. Every participant is responsible to read the material in the books and reader.

  2. Weekly Surge Table Meeting. This is the primary learning environment for Surge. It is a weekly meeting where participants discuss the reading and bring out the implications for life and leadership. Participants are challenged by their table leader and others at their table to live out the implications of the gospel.

  3. Intensives. There will be 4 intensives throughout the year. These are an important classroom-learning environment for Surge. The intensives feature first-rate scholars and front-line church leaders from around the country.

When & Where

Mondays | Starting Sept 7th


Conference Room


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