Well… they do a lot because they are building the church from the ground up.

One church planter says it this way, “New congregations always have at least one oar for every person, and every member should pull an oar.” -Ed Stetzer

So, we are picking up our oars and rowing together in the same direction.

Practically, what will this look like if you decide to join the team before our official launch in January 2021?

If you join the launch team, you are making a commitment to these 5 things.

1 | COME – regularly to our launch team trainings from August 2020 – December 2020.

  • 1st – 3rd Sunday evenings – We will have launch team dinners and training. (childcare provided)
  • 4th Sunday evening – We will have prayer and worship nights with someteaching from the Bible. (childcare provided)

2 | SERVE – on one of our serve teams in preparation of our January 10, 2021 Grand Opening.

We will have teams that help make Sundays possible as well as several otherteams that help our ministries thrive throughout the week.

3 | GIVE – start giving tithes and offerings to North Mountain. Give online here.

4 | PRAY – for this new church for God to bless this new work with deep unity on the team, a deep love for Jesus, and boldness to bring the Gospel to those who need it.

5 | INVITE – others to get to know Jesus through Redemption North Mountain.
If you are interested in joining, getting more information, or have questions, please email me at joshwatt@redemptionaz.com I look forward to connecting with you and seeing how this new church might become a part of your story.