I am thrilled to be married to the one and only Genessee Elder and we have the privilege of raising 3 children together, Allie, Owen and Lydia. Going out to eat is probably what we do best as a family but we really just want to be entertained. We watch TV shows together, play video games, watch movies and a love watching sports. Going to a baseball or basketball game together is always fun for the whole family!

I was 31 years old when Jesus chose to reveal the gospel to me. I grew up knowing there was a God of the universe, but was never properly introduced to the God of bible and had no concept of sin or repentance. I did not believe that Jesus was God, and despite knowing the Christmas and Easter stories, I did not know why they should mean anything to me personally. My wife, Genessee, grew up much the same, and did not know who Jesus was either. A wonderfully persistent believer encouraged Genessee for quite some time to go to church with her and despite being turned down again and again she took an opportunity to share the gospel with Genessee on a couch at the Starbucks she worked at one Saturday morning in April of 2012. That day changed both of our lives. Genessee came home “in love with Jesus” and even though I did not understand what that meant at first, her revelation of who Jesus was caused her to be reborn, she was filled with the Holy Spirit and the profound new way she saw the world was contagious. I wanted to know who Jesus was, and feeling the presence of the Spirit in Genessee I was anxious to experience what she had, so I grabbed bible and started reading. It did not take long for the truths of the Bible to become clear to me. It was reading through the new testament (mostly the 4 gospels) and attending church that led me to understand that I was a sinner against God and that he chose to save me despite my sinful nature. In June of 2012 I too fell in love with Jesus after learning what he sacrificed for me and have been trusting Him since.

Current role at North Mountain is volunteer coordinator, RC Leader, I lead the Men’s Bible study on Saturday morning and anything else you need me to do!

Favorites –
Restaurant: Spicy Thai food!
TV Show: Sportscenter
Go to coffee/caffeine drink?  Vanilla Latte