Hello, I’m Audrey! I’m from Apache Junction, Arizona, and I have two awesome parents (Bart and Laura), a younger brother (Caleb), and an older brother (Sam). I recently graduated from Grand Canyon University with a degree in Digital Design with an Emphasis in Web Design. For the past three summers I have worked at Sky Ranch in Texas as a professional photographer, and I served as a photographer on a mission trip to the Dominican Republic in 2021. Through these experiences and my time serving on the Production team at Redemption, God has shown me my calling to work in media and behind the scenes. Some fun facts about me are that I graduated high school when I was 16 and college when I was 19, I was homeschooled for 8 years with my two brothers (shoutout to my mom), and I am a 9w1 on the Enneagram.

I was raised in a Christian home and I “said the prayer” when I was three. Though I truly believe Jesus saved me at a young age, I did not understand what that meant or the weight of it. When I was about 7 years old, my family moved to the small town of Superior, AZ for my dad to start a church. God used this move to plant a love for serving in the local church in my heart — I loved helping the Sunday school teacher (my mom) and helping the worship leader (also my dad) by running worship slides! After few years we moved back to the valley to support my grandpa, and a couple years after, when I was entering 8th grade, our church in Superior closed down. As we searched for another church, I entered a season of bitterness and feeling disconnected from God and community. I could not focus at all at our new church and I felt like I couldn’t even sing praises to God. Then one day my family decided to attend Redemption Gateway. As soon as I heard Josh Watt teach there that first Sunday, I could understand clearly what he was saying and God opened my heart to desire to get to know Him in a whole new way. I started attending youth group there, and through Josh, my mentors, and the community there, God showed me His love and taught me so much about Him, ultimately changing my life. So on Easter 2017 I got baptized! Since then I have had ups and downs in my faith, but everyday I learn more and more how deeply I need Jesus and how big and beautiful He is.

I am the communication coordinator at Redemption North Mountain, so I run worship slides, make graphics, and run the social media!

Favorites –

Restaurant: Anything Mexican. Also, Cracker Barrel

TV Show: The Chosen!! And The Good Doctor

Go to coffee/caffeine drink: I love unsweetened tea