I get to do laundry and road trips with my husband, Nate. He is the most patient human I’ve ever met and so fun. We get to raise our two girls, Addy and Quinn, and teach them all the lyrics to old musicals. We sing and dance a lot. Being silly and taking naps are two of our family values.

I can’t remember a time when Jesus wasn’t all around my life. From memorizing Bible verses with my parents to my Old Testament savvy 3rd grade Sunday School teacher, God was always pursuing me. I more formally declared my inability to live perfectly when I was 9, taking in God’s grace by his gift of faith. I’ve had the honor of sitting under some great teachers and disciplers since then and am learning to love and trust God more deeply and more fully.

Social connector, designated optimist, sourdough bread baker, and my favorite – Director of Women’s Ministries!

Favorites –
Restaurant: Cafe Rio
Show: Parks and Rec or the Office
Go to coffee/caffeine: YES – I mean – at home it’s just hot coffee with half and half, if we’re getting really crazy, it’ll be a Vienna latte from 32 Shea or a Kicker from Dutch Bros

Hit me up for your next favorite book! Also, partly because of the previous sentence, I don’t get 87% of pop culture references, but it’s fine, guys, it’s fine!