I am married to Heather who is an incredible wife, best friend, and mom. She has one of the biggest hearts of anyone I have ever known and a the voice of an angel. We have 5 beautiful kiddos Caden, Xavier, Genesis, Ailana, and Micah. We also have been doing foster care as a family for 6 years and have had the honor of sharing our home with 12 other little ones. Our house is always fun and chaotic!

Before I met Jesus I was raised in a broken home with abuse and alcoholism which lead me down the path of alcohol, drugs, violence, rehabs, and jail. in August of 2005 I hit my knees and prayed to “god” knowing that I couldn’t continue to live the way I had. A few days later I reached out to a friend of mine from work knowing there had to be more than this AA fabricated god. He laughed and invited me to join him at church that Sunday.

On August 7th 2005 my life was radically changed by the Holy Spirit through the the Gospel. Feeling love for the first time in 21 years and the Holy Spirit doing a complete heart transplant during the service, I ran out the door hugging everyone and proclaiming that Jesus is Lord! Since that day my eyes and heart have been fixed on Jesus and the true story of scripture as the Lord brings this world back to Shalom through His people.

Currently I am a Redemption Community Leader, Men’s Ministry Leader, and Foster Care, Kinship, and Adoption Support Group Leader.

Favorites –
Restaurant: Chipotle – Go To!
TV Show: Too Many to List
Go to coffee/caffeine drink?  Iced Cold Brew

Soli Deo Gloria!