Two distinguished markers give reason for the name

A lot of people ask where this name came from? Isn’t it just North Phoenix? Well yes, but it is not the North most part of Phoenix. And it’s not Northeast Phoenix (Paradise Valley area) and it’s not Northwest Phoenix (Glendale). We feel called to a central section of North Phoenix.

1st | North Mountain

This is a large and central geographical marker between 1-17 and the 51 in North Phoenix in the North central corridor. This north, central area is where we have felt called to through much prayer.

2nd | North Mountain Village

Phoenix is broken down into 15 villages that provide smaller communities throughout the city.We feel called primarily to the area in North Mountain Village. We know these village boundaries don’t mean much to the common Phoenician. We also know a lot of our members will be coming from adjacent villages or other parts of the city even.

However, we want to establish a church with roots in the community. We want to have impact all over the city and the across the globe eventually. Butwe don’t want to neglect laying down deep roots in this place that God has called us to.

We are excited to see what God will do through this church in this North Mountain area.