The short answer is prayer.
North Phoenix leaders have been praying for more Gospel movements and churches in their area. I have been praying about where the Lord wanted me to help start a church. God intersected those prayers at a chance meeting in Denver with me, my wife, and two North Phoenix pastors.
This photo was taken in March 2020 of the church leaders involved with Surge North Phoenix laying hands on me. They have been praying as a group for a long time for more churches to be planted in their area.
The longer answer is need and fit.
Here are the three big reasons this church plant is happening…


This is one of the most densely populated areas of Phoenix mixed with a real lack of church presence. There are churches – just not enough churches. Currently within this community only 5% of people see faith as a center-piece of their life while 10% identify as Religious-nones – no desire for faith.

Phoenix has a huge current need for the Gospel-centered churches. And looking ahead just slightly, one estimate says that in the next 5 years, one million more people will be moving to the Phoenix area. This shows the Gospel need will only continue to grow in and around Phoenix. People need a
close, Gospel-centered church that can introduce them to Jesus and His family.


I love plants. I love trees. I love a good garden. Here is what I know: plants thrive based off a diverse ecosystem. The church is no different. The church (as a public witness) needs a diversity of local churches in its ecosystem. We need large churches, small churches, traditional churches, churches willing to experiment, charismatic churches, reformed churches, Baptist churches, and everything in between.

Of the churches working faithfully in North Phoenix, there are few if any reformed, missional churches in this area. There is a very real need of a reformed church community to join with the brothers and sisters already serving this community. We are not looking to outdo or compete with the local churches already there, but we are looking to complement the ecosystem God is creating in North Phoenix.


Talking to other church planters and studying church planting material, one interesting piece of data is always present. You (the church planter) must LOVE the community/neighborhood you are called to if you are going to last. Aubrey and I love this part of town. It is older, established and its home to long time Phoenix people. We also love the blue collar feel of this part of town. We want to see our kids grow up here, and we are excited to be in a part of town that will continue to attract more people wanting to live in the heart of Phoenix.

If any of these reasons excite you to be a part of this new church in North Phoenix, I’d love to hear from you. Email me at